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11215769_902673459768983_6693067089124463617_n“Please don’t call me arrogant…I think I’m a Special One”. In the year 2004, a short Portuguese man, who had never lived in England walked into a press conference and stunned the world with these words. His name was Jose Mario Dos Santos Mourinho, and he had just landed a job to coach one of England’s biggest football clubs Chelsea Football Club. He was relatively unknown by the English Media, he was some sort of a gamble by Chelsea owner Roman Abrahamovic and he had come to the most competitive league in the entire world. He was just about 40 years old (which is a young age if you are a football coach) and he was claiming to be ‘…a Special One’. At the end of his first season with Chelsea, Jose Mourinho won the English Premier League (the top trophy in English football) and won it again in his…

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more-blogging-mistakesThe scriptures are in full harmony with life and the happenings around the world. The fall and the rise of man starting from the first man and woman to the least character as recorded in the old testament of the bible portrays that the Scriptures were given for reproof and correction to this latter generation, that we may all be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16).

The same is applicable to every creation on earth; you can always learn from the fall and the rise of others. People make mistakes and from their mistakes, they gain experience, though it may be painful but on the other hand, it makes clear to the victim the right thing to do. It is good to learn from others mistake but it can be very agonizing to make mistake and learn from it.

I have seen people who made mistakes and later realize where they missed it and amended their ways to blend into the grace they received from God – The Second Chance. I have also seen people who made mistake and refused to acknowledge their errors and to amend their ways, it was later that they realized their errors but it was a little bit late because an iron can only be shaped when heated but after it’s cooled it will be very difficult to shape.

Learning from people’s mistakes will help you a lot in your life’s journey. It will help you to be at alert and to be careful in your ways of living i.e. it will help you live a life without regret. Here are four (4) steps to learning from people’s mistakes, study, digest and let them become part of you.

Be Observant: Pay attention and study peoples’ life, I mean people you know, like your family and friends, people you mingle with, that are not necessarily your friends. By so doing, you will identify different attitudes of different people and some things they do that add value to their lives or devalues them. From your observation, derive a positive knowledge and utilize it to better your life.

Be Inquisitive: Asking questions is one of the fastest ways to heed positive learning. When people see your eagerness and seriousness to desiring more knowledge or to learn, they will open up to you. Meet and interact with people you observed, that have made some mistakes and have amended their ways, ask questions, make them share their experience with you and use their life mistakes as lessons to learn from.

Be Ready: Get yourself prepared for the journey of life. Put into action what you learnt and help other people. Not through making mistakes but by sharing what you have learnt with them. Remember, a life without Jesus is a life without headway, you need Jesus to help you utilize what you have learnt rightfully; receive Him today as your personal Lord and Saviour.

Be Connected: The best teacher you can ever have is the Holy Spirit. He will order your steps, guide your path and help you walk according to the ordinances of God. It is very crucial to have the Holy Spirit as the chancellor of your life and have the Word of God (Bible) as your Handout. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God will be of good help in living a life without regret. Always have this at the front of your mind; learn from people’s mistake to avoid learning from your own mistakes.

Adolescents’ Inspirational Articles (AIA – 002)


walking-togetherNormally, boyfriend or girlfriend suppose to mean a male friend or a female friend in a friendship relationship but the meaning the world gave this two words has led a lot of young people astray. If you search online or your dictionary for the meaning of these two words, the first definition you will see is ‘a man or woman someone is having a romantic relationship with’ before you will see the second definition ‘a male or female friend’ which ought to be the prior and crucial definition.

Have you ever ask people involving in this kind of relationship, what they gain from it? Or if you are in this kind of relationship, have you ever ask yourself ‘what have I gain from this relationship so far?’? I believe they will not have a genuine answer to render and I believe if you’re in such relationship you will not have a genuine answer to the question too.

Why do young people go into boyfriend or girlfriend relationship? First, they want to belong to the big boys or big girls’ class. Second, some of them are influenced by their peers and lastly, they want to try it to see how it looks or feels to be in a relationship. I will give brief evaluation on the three answers to the above question.

First, they want to belong to the big boys or big girls’ class: Many young people think one can become a big boy or big girl by being in a relationship, it is not true. Being a big boy or girl is not by involving in any ungodly relationship, it’s through what you carried, how do I mean? What is upstairs (in your brain) will determine how big you are as a young person. Your quality initiatives and wide knowledge will make people regard and respect you not the type of boyfriend or girlfriend you have. It is a wrong notion that you will become a big boy or big girl through boyfriend or girlfriend relationship.

Second, some of them are influenced by their peers: You would have heard about peer pressure – the pressure from the peers. To escape peer pressure, you need to associate with good dynamic young minds with positive mindset that has the same dream or vision with you. Some young people ended up in Boyfriend or Girlfriend relationship through the influence of their friends and because they don’t want to betray their friends they did what they were told to do. It is a dangerous influence that can lead to destruction of destiny. Nobody will bear the consequences other than you so it is good to mingle with positive minds.

Lastly, they want to try it to see how it looks or feels to be in a relationship: Relationship is not a driving training that you will try and practice before you become perfect, it is a department that you need to study its courses and become mature enough to handle its tasks at the right time. Boyfriend or Girlfriend relationship is an ungodly relationship; it has no biblical backup or biblical principles. It has brought tears to many faces and has brought regret to many lives. It is not needed in your life because it will add no value to your life rather it will deprive you of your values and dignity. Wait for the right time to go into courtship relationship after you might have discover the bone of your bone and be happily married and build a godly home afterwards.

Boyfriend or Girlfriend is not what you need now, what you need now is Jesus, to help you fulfil your destiny and become the big man or big woman you have always desire.

Adolescents’ Inspirational Articles (AIA – 001)

UNFORGIVING HEART (Drama Skit for Connect 2015)

Unforgiving Heart

Click the link below to download

UNFORGIVING HEART _Drama Skit for Connect 2015_

“And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as even God in Christ forgave you” Ephesians 4:32 NKJV

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future”                                                                                     – Paul Boese


Act 1: Toby was with his Armed Robbery Gang, strategising on their next operation that night. (Toby’s nickname – Capon)

Capon: I want y’all to be ready for this operation, no fuck up, no look back and no set back. Tonight we’re going to No. 12, Lambert Avenue (The occupant of the house is Mr. Adeoye and family; he has one daughter named Tope who was at the Youth Service and a son named Boye a Secondary School graduate awaiting JAMB). We all must follow the plan and carry out this operation with perfection.

Gang: Yes Capon, may God help with us.

Act 2: The gang arrived at the said venue.

Gang: Lie down, lie down flat, face the ground.

Capon: We are here in peace but if you don’t cooperate, I might release the beast in me. I don’t joke with my job so therefore I want you all to cooperate with us.

Gang: We need all your watches, phones, laptops and the car key.

              (In the course of collection, Mr. Adeoye tried to make a call and was caught, instantly, he was shot by Capon and the gang all left. Mr. Adeoye was rushed to the Hospital)

Act 3: The gang arrived at their Den.

Gang: Capon why did you shoot the man, it’s unfair now. We all agreed to shoot nobody, not even a fly.

Capon: Yes, I did it and I don’t regret that I do it. Whereas, he was trying to make a call and I silence him, it was actually for the good of everybody here. I don’t want this matter to come up again.

Gang: Yes Capon, we just want you to know that, we are not Hired Killers; we are just working to get money.

Capon: I said enough!


Act 1: At the hospital, Mr. Adeoye gave up the ghost (Tope came back from Youth Service when the incident happened)

Doctor: (Sigh) Mummy, we tried our best but…

Mummy Tope: Talk to me Doctor, but what?

Doctor: We…lost him.

Mummy Tope: You lost what? Yeeeeeeeee

              (Mummy Tope fainted and was rushed out)

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Muslims for Christ™ │MFC™

Muslims for Christ

The problem the Muslims are going to have in the nearest future is ME. Why? Because I can’t stand how they are persecuting the Church anymore and I have been chosen to win this nation and the world for Christ, and it starts from now forward. I want to say this, enough of the killings of the innocent people of God for the God you pretended serving. The Creator can’t offer death to the Created just because it neglected Him or refuse to serve Him rather He (Creator) will give the Created a reason to serve Him (Creator).

All your killings are just because of your inhumanity and lack of the fear of God and it isn’t your fault, it is the devils but it is because you are not on the right way and with the right Master (Christ). Muslims, I challenge you today, if you know you want to win the nation to your side then neglect Bombings and Killings and let’s go into individual’s way of serving ‘God’ who you claim you are serving (by killing innocent people) and let’s see who will win this nation and the world to her side. Christ is the foundation of this nation and the whole world, God has given Him the authority to be the Chief Operator of the Universe, therefore, no matter how you people tried to persecute His people, He (Christ) will triumph and sooner you all (Muslims) will surrender to Him.

I am not against you (Muslims) but am against your inhumanity and lack of the fear of God and I have made up my mind that sooner no Muslim will be in existence (not to destroy the soul and body but to bring you to Christ) through me and other chosen disciples. That is why I said earlier on that “the problem you people (Muslim) will have is ME” because by fire by force you must surrender to Christ.

In spite of this I am going to get to you one after the other, from the led to the lead and I am challenging you to be ready for Christ and I because no matter the circumstances I will achieve this for “…He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world” I John 4:4. I have no bomb, no gun, no dagger and no evil utterance from any evil ‘Holy Book’ to use but I have ‘the mighty Man in Battle, the Chief in Command of the Army of the Living God, the Lord of Lords who has all power and authority both on earth and in heaven in His palms’ as my backup, for He assured me that “…though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil; For He is with me, His rod and His Staff comfort me.” Psalm 23:4, and He also told me that “…whatever I bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever I loose on earth will be loosed on heaven” Matthew 18:18. MUSLIMS as you can see, Christ is ready and has furnished me [and His chosen(s)] to launch an attack of an aggressive evangelism and by the mighty Hands of God, you shall all surrender to Christ.

This is my disclaimer, for you to know that there is someone here God has chosen and is preparing for you (Muslims) and not only me, with many other chosen Children of God across the nation and the globe. You shall start seeing Christ invading your territories soonest.

Boko Haram, Islamic Bodies etc. I want you all to know that I know (through the Holy Spirit) that with this challenge and disclaimer, you will come after me but let me tell you; you are not coming after me but you are coming after the Living God (your Creator) and you know what that means (rebelling against your Creator who owns your lives). I don’t need to tell you further, you know what you will meet there. MFC (Muslims for Christ) All Muslims must surrender to Christ Jesus. This is my disclaimer and challenge to all the Muslims at large.

To the Chosen Ones: If you as an Authentic Christ’s Follower want to be part of this great Evangelism Movement MFC (Muslims for Christ), feel free to contact me:, Facebook – Olaniyan Segun; and let’s make this happen to stop the persecution of the Church and for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. And also visit Kingdom News NG for more information. Don’t forget to share with all your friends.

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The Principles of Success


You Determine Your Success!
You Determine Your Success!

Success is acquired only by him who follows her rules and principles. To achieve an unending success, it requires a gradual process of systematically living by the laws that guides it. I discovered that most people fail in the institution of success because they knew not the principles of success.

As you are created in the image of God; God has deposited in you the seed of greatness and multiplicity, and the potential to be successful in your academics and in all ramification of life. All you need to do is to nurture that seed of greatness in you by following the principles that guide success. I enjoy you to go through each principle majestically and meditatively.

PRINCIPLE 1: The Principle of Decision – It states that let a man be what he wants to become and let him hold on to this ideal and make it the blue print that will guide his work/project.

A Word from Me: Your decision in life matters a lot, the more you make up your mind to be successful the more you will be determined and the more you will be diligent to reach the goal of your decision. Life will never give you what you deserve but what you decide.

PRINCIPLE 2: The Principle of Focus – It states that “set your focus on the requirement of success and that your physical presence is not enough, your mental alertness is critical.”

A Word from Me: Be focus on what will make you to be a success and a focus; focus on your studies by reading Books diligently, be focus while in the lecture room, don’t tolerate distraction or disorder, and pay attention. Always remember that studying is a mind game, if your mind is absent you will lose the game. Focus on your focus for you to become a focus.

PRINCIPLE 3: The Principle of Sacrifice – It states that there is always a price for the prize. As someone who wants to be successful, you must pay the price of attentiveness, dedication, and hard-work.

A Word from Me: The greater your sacrifice, the greater your attainment in the school of greatness; to be successful, you must be ready to sacrifice your time and pay the price of commitment and diligence.

PRINCIPLE 4: The Principle of Consistency – It states that it is not what we do in a little while that counts, but continuous actions. Continual action produces lasting result.

A Word from Me: Success is not what you achieve and stop for a while; it is a continuous phenomenon that requires a regular action. I should say success is not inert, it is vigorous; it is a phenomenal you must continually achieve till Jesus comes.

PRINCIPLE 5: The Principle of Retention – It states that what you repeat often, you will retain. Repetition enhances retention.

A Word from Me: What you read often and often, repeatedly and meditatively will retain in your memory forever; even when getting old, those memories will still be flashing back. The more you read, the more you know, and the more you teach it, the more you understand and remember it. So, by sharing your knowledge with others, they will only help you to recite over and over again what you have read earlier which will make it stick to your memory.

PRINCIPLE 6: The Principle of Prioritization – It states that “things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matters the least”.

A Word from Me: You must do first things first; do things according to their order of importance. Something you ought to do now should not be done tomorrow; time does not wait for anyone. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven” NASB; this means there is time for every activities of man on planet earth, the time to read should not be the time to watch DSTV/Films. The first step to eternal success is to get your priorities right.

PRINCIPLE 7: The Principle of Self-Discovery – The greatest discovery is the discovery of self. For this reason, know who you are, what you stand for, your strengths and weaknesses. You are to master yourself so as to master your results.

A Word from Me: Be yourself, don’t imitate the lifestyle of anybody, you are yourself and unique. Discover the potential in you and your God’s gift talent to fulfill your destiny and attain a successful height.

If you can keep the fire burning by following the above principles diligently; believe me you, you’ll found yourself swimming in the pool of success. And have at the front of your mind that, all success comes from God and God alone, remember to back those principles up with fervent prayer.

Reference: Principle 1 – 7: The Law of Success, Keys to Unending Academic Success (Olatunde Ajiboye, August 2012, Pg. 8-11)

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The Silence of God

When God is Silent!
When God is Silent!

Some Sundays ago, when I was taking a Sunday School Class (New Convert), one of the Students (a girl) asked a very crucial question: “What is the reason for the delay of answers to prayer?”, with curiosity she asked. Then when I saw how eager she was to get the answer to her question, I quickly divert from the topic for that Sunday to her question.

Immediately she asked that question, many things came to my mind; things that I personally experienced and the ones I read from the Bible. To answer her question effectively, I had to share with her and the other students, my personal experience on God’s Silence.

Therefore, I thought if I share it with you too, you would understand why God has kept quiet on your matter/situation.


In the year ‘13, I was trusting God for admission into the University and in order to achieve that; I went through necessary measures, I diligently study the subject concerned, I treated the Past Questions of the Examination Body am dealing with; and most important of all; I prayed like I’ll not have any other chance to pray; I fasted like never before. I inculcate all these measures diligently and wholeheartedly, my faith was so strong in God that the expectation of my proposed score was so high that I’m even afraid of not being sued by the Examination Body when the result shall be out.

So many people do see how diligent I was during that period, that people’s expectation was even higher than that of mine. But the astounding part of it was that, my score at the end of the day cannot even admit someone who is seeking admission into College of Education. At first, I was highly disappointed and lost my trust and faith in God that I almost took a drastic step but I was led to the Book of Job which later made me to understand that, it’s not yet time to be admitted into the University, that God still want to use me while am still Home to touch lives and to carry out some assignments which will set my feet on the path to my academical exploitation.


Let’s look at the example of Brother Joseph in the Bible; Joseph had a dream of greatness which was a sign of God’s promise that He (God) will enlarge his (Joseph) coast and make him exploit; but while Joseph was trusting God, he was also waiting for God’s promise to be fulfilled in his life but rather for the promises to be fulfilled, he was getting into one affliction to another but at the end, when the appointed time came by, he was greatly honored.

Papa Abraham was another genuine example, God promised Abraham that He will make him father of many nations and yet Abraham had no child until he was about 99 years old of age, this same promise of God kept repeating itself whenever God spoke with Abraham; but it tarries because God does things at the very time such things will be needed most. So, at the appointed time, Abraham’s wife gave birth to a covenant Son through who Abraham was named the father of faith.


REACT: That your prayers have not being answered yet doesn’t mean God’s ear is too tiny to hear your cry or His Hands are too short to deliver to you, your heart desire but He was silent because:

  1. Now might not be the appointed time for your desire to be fulfilled.
  2. If you get that desire now, it might pose danger to your life.
  3. You might be asking for what is not in God’s agenda for your life.
  4. You might have not matured to the stage which is required of you to get the desire.
  5. You might be asking what is beyond the boundary God has set for you not to cross.

RESPONSE: Understand God’s way of dealing with your issue and patiently wait for the appointed and right time of God’s manifestation in your life. Just believe and loose not your faith while trusting God for that very desire.

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A True Love

Right approach to people around you, no matter your level and ground exposes your love status to God; meaning you are living in the light of His love.

Karina's Thought

True Love -Karina's Thought- Paul Militaru (2)

I begin this post with an old inspiring and touching story from China. There was an old grandfather named Bai Fang Li. He was living in Tianjin, China. What is interesting thing from this old man? The most interesting thing from him is even though he was live in shortage, he had has very rich heart. Poverty was not being a reason for him to keep giving to others. He was called to give donations to schools and universities in Tianjin city to help more than 300 poor children in order to able obtain an education for their future. Many years he was pedaling his rickshaw to get money in order to increase amount of his contributions.

He lived in an old and rusty hut in a slum area of the city where many rickshaw operators and garbage collectors live and he also lived without thinking of his own needs…

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The Secret of Grace

Secrets Behind His Grace
Secrets Behind His Grace

Grace is the embodiment of Christ; it cannot be separated from the Cross. Grace cannot be separated from salvation; for it is written “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.” (Ephesians 2:8 NKJV). The salvation of man is by grace which is the gift of God through our Lord Jesus Christ and neither of the works of our hands nor our deeds but of the grace of the Most High that was freely released for the benefit of Mankind.

Why is the salvation given by grace? Because “…in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 2:7 NKJV). God purposely gave a price-free grace of salvation to mankind, that in the future world He could show the true richness of His grace and loving-kindness to us by the reason of what Christ has done on the Cross of Calvary.

Now is the future world; now is that ages to come, we are the generation which God wants to show the richness and kindness of His grace to. But one thing is certain, if we are going to enjoy the richness of this great Grace, we must tap into the divine secret of the Grace, we must key into the promise of this great Grace which is full of riches and good-will. And how will this be achieved? By understanding this great Grace and knowing the secret keys to unlock and tap into the Grace.


“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men” (Exodus 2:11 NKJV)

God Himself has shown us unmerited grace by rooting and sponsoring the salvation of mankind. It took God to operate under grace to release His only begotten Son. It’s only through Grace that this ultimate transaction can be done. It took Christ to operate under grace to execute the plan of salvation. These Divine Beings operates under grace and execute the greatest plan that has ever being executed in the history of mankind and for this reason they stand as EPITOME OF GRACE.


  1. Common Grace:

“…for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, And sent rain on the just and the unjust” (Matthew 5:45 NKJV)

This is the grace that God has poured out to all people irrespective of who you are; He releases this grace permanently on all flesh both believers and unbelievers. Both Hire Killer and Serial Killer; Ritual Killer and Destiny Killer enjoy this grace because it is so common that through God’s mercy it was released unto all flesh. The sun shines on both the good and evil; the rain falls on both the righteous and the unrighteous because of this Common Grace.

  1. Saving Grace:

“But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved in the same manner as they” (Act 15:11 NKJV)

This grace was revealed on the Cross of Calvary “for by grace you have been saved”; it is not of who you are or what you have achieved but through the gift of God’s Grace. This grace is unlike ‘Common Grace’ which is enjoyed unwillingly; saving grace only works and covers the life of those who are willing and ready to receive the conveyer (Jesus) of the grace. So, by accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, you have automatically keyed into the Saving Grace.

  1. Securing Grace:

“Through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.” (Romans 5:2 NKJV)

It is grace that upholds one in the journey of salvation and faith; grace holds one’s feet and make one stand firm in Christ the solid Rock; it is grace that gives access to the divine things of the supernatural, it is grace that grace that keeps us secured in Christ,. So without grace, I’m afraid one might be shaken by the roar of the devil but when one stands firmly in the securing grace, the devil will dare nor near you. You cannot be safe by your power or strength, that’s why the Scripture says “Let him who think he stands be careful lest he fall”, for it is by grace one can stand and stay secured.

  1. Sanctifying Grace:

This is the act of God’s grace through the power of the Holy Spirit, by which the mind and heart of man is purified and/or alienated from sin and the world; and exalted to a supreme love of God in a continual process. So when we continue in the grace, we would be exposed to the divine key to holiness and godliness and also to the doctrine of Christ with pure heart.

Types of Sanctification

  • Instant Sanctification: This is done immediately after salvation.
  • Progressive Sanctification: It is the continuous cleansing of mind and heart towards daily Christian living as a typical of Christ.
  • Ultimate Sanctification: Transformation and purification to dine with the King of Grace on the last day in the Kingdom of God.
  1. Serving Grace:

This grace enables us to serve and to be severed; it gives us the ability to key into the service of God and to be committed and dedicated to God’s service of grace. It is grace that creates the willingness and readiness in us to serve both God and man.

Without Grace:

  • We cannot be saved
  • We cannot be safe
  • We cannot be who God want us to be; and where he want us to be
  • We cannot please God
  • We cannot be pure
  • We cannot serve God

When We:

  • Operate in our strength and power
  • Trust in ourselves or in man of flesh
  • Reference man/resources than God

We Are:

  • Operating outside Grace
  • Drifting away from Grace
  • Neglecting the riches and kindness of Grace


Operate under this great Grace; that you might fulfill the purpose of God for your life and execute his glorious plan in your life.


Lord: give me grace to follow, abundant grace to follow; give me grace to follow, your grace is sufficient for me!

Inspired by: The Holy Spirit

Through: The Teachings of Rev’d. Dr. Ben Taiwo on “VARIOUS DIMENSION THROUGH WHICH GRACE IS EXPRESSED”

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